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Sell A Home

The real estate market in California is probably the best example of a sizzling sellers’ market. While homeowners in the rest of the country take two to three months to sell a property on average, houses in the Golden State can get sold in as little as 23 days.

There could be some changes in the market climate, as foretold by real estate experts, but the California real estate marketplace is still as steady as ever. The home-selling process remains very much standard, but you may see a big chunk of the process now shifting to the virtual world.

Here are some useful tips on selling a home:

Before anything else, talk to a real estate agent

Real estate agents are industry experts who can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the home-selling process. Their objective and professional voice will keep you grounded in your decision-making. They allow you to see potential issues that you wouldn’t have considered had you not sought their advice. Moreover, savvy real estate agents know what home buyers look for in a home and will know the best marketing strategies to use.

Prepare your home for viewing

There are some buyers who may need a little help in seeing your home’s true potential. That’s why prior to opening your home for virtual tours, make it look like the kind of home that would fit their lifestyle.

Give your home an easy but impactful makeover by doing some spring cleaning, decluttering, and keeping design elements minimal. You should also attend to repairs and make sure every feature in your home is functioning optimally. Repaint surfaces if they’re looking a little worse for wear. Depersonalize – you want to make it easy for viewers to imagine themselves living in the home. Don’t forget to include your home’s exteriors when doing some deep cleaning for that instant curb appeal.

Price your home competitively 

Overpricing the property may prolong the time it stays on the market. On the other hand, underpricing it means you’ll be leaving money on the table. This is why it’s important to talk to a real estate agent with substantial knowledge of the area beforehand. They have the data analytics and the comparative sales of similar homes in your area that can be used as a solid basis for appropriately pricing your home.

Be prepared to negotiate

Home selling involves a lot of back and forth between buyer and seller, and a series of compromises can happen before an agreement is sealed and the keys to the home are transferred. A real estate agent with sharp negotiating skills will be able to provide you with the tools in effectively putting forth a deal that will be amenable to both parties. 

Let your real estate agent know how much you’re willing to compromise to secure that home. If despite all efforts to reach an agreement, you can’t get an offer that works, you can walk away from the negotiation and try again.

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