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Fashionable House

Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors

The call to return to nature has made it fashionable to turn house spaces into mini-gardens.  Climate change concerns have also encouraged many to bring the outdoors indoors. This is especially applicable in areas where summers are swelter...

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Home Financial and Insurance Money Around the house

Why It Pays to Know Your Home’s Value

Online financial adviser reveals that almost 73% of Americans believe that knowing how much their home is worth lets them know where they stand financially. They know how much they can afford, find out if their home listing i...

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7 Cool Things to do in Palm Springs

Are you eyeing Palm Springs real estate as your next investment? Before you forge ahead, you’ll likely want to know more about the area. Below are some of the cool things you can experience in Palm Springs. Visit the zoo This is the...

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