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The Joys of Living in an Active Adult Retirement Community

senior adult’s happiness

One factor that contributes to a senior adult’s happiness is where they choose to stay. Among the best options out there is living in an adult retirement community. 

There are two basic types:

  • Age-restricted. There should be at least one person aged above 55 living in approximately 80% of residences in the community.
  • Age-targeted. Adults aged above 55 are the predominant residents of the community, but it’s also open to those below that age. 

Note, though, that no two retirement communities are alike – some provide better living conditions than others. 

The Palm Springs, CA area has an abundance of active senior communities to choose from. Making the best choice can spell a big difference in a potential resident’s golden years. Here are some considerations to make:

Low maintenance

Fees should cover interior and exterior property maintenance plus cleaning services. Whether it’s a rented or a purchased dwelling, the resident need not worry about broken pipes, windows, and other repairs required in a traditional home.


Senior adults usually find steep stairs or doorways a challenge. Not anymore. Doorways and other facilities should be designed with their needs in mind. All spaces should be well-lit and free from clutter that could cause accidents. Those using walkers, wheelchairs, and other similar assistive devices need to be assured that mobility will remain easy for them even as they advance in age.  

Leisure facilities

These facilities are integral to residents’ physical and mental well-being as these provide the enjoyment of living in these particular communities. If the said community is located in or near a golf course, those with a passion for the sport can hit the links just outside their door. Others can stay fit by swimming in an on-site pool or by making use of the hot tub, exercise rooms, game rooms, and dance floor. They can stay mentally active by watching films in viewing rooms or attending classes in arts and crafts, computers, and other cool sessions.

On-site services

Choose from a variety of amenities like beauty salons, laundry and dry cleaning services, transportation, meal preparation, medication, medical care, and others. Some active retirement communities have restaurants and dining halls where residents have the option to mingle and maintain friendly relations with each other during meals instead of just eating at home.

Fixed monthly costs

An active retirement community may not come cheap but residents can enjoy many perks. Whether the option is to buy or to rent, monthly payments should cover utilities, maintenance fees, and services, depending on the package and – in the case of home buyers – the mortgage terms.

Neighbors with shared interests

Early on, people chose homes because they’re great places to raise a family. But as they mature over time, their lifestyle also evolves. Senior adults now look forward to a place where they can mingle with other adults of approximately the same age bracket. They want a haven of peace and harmony where they can interact with like-minded people.  This is the kind of interaction one will find in an active retirement community.

A vacation ambiance 

Every day feels like a vacation in an active adult community. Residents roam in manicured lawns, stare at well-kept, tastefully decorated areas, and enjoy services within walking distance from each other.

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