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Qualities your real estate agent should have

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Whether buying or selling, property transactions are complex processes that often involve one’s life savings and/or finances for the foreseeable future. This makes choosing the right Palm Springs real estate agent all the more important, as working with a true professional helps ensure you reach the best possible deal.

Not sure where to start? The following are some qualities you’ll want to look for or ask your references about when choosing a real estate agent to work with when buying or selling Palm Springs homes for sale (or real estate in general).

Considers his work a career and not a job

Admittedly, some agents approach real estate as just a job. In these instances the paycheck is what drives what they do, and as commissions from sales of property can be a lot and last a while, they tend to only take on real estate clients sporadically.

Agents who treat it as a career, on the other hand, work on their craft full-time. This often means observing the market, understanding current pricing, and having a grasp of what both buyers and sellers want. Ultimately, they will have the experience and expertise to help you get the most from your transaction.

Pays great attention to detail

In line with working on their craft full-time, truly effective real estate agents are also those who pay great attention to detail. Remember, there is plenty of money involved in real estate, and you can better ensure that your transaction will go well by parterning with an agent who is organized and detail-oriented.

Apart from ensuring a transaction void of any mistakes, a detail-oriented agent can also be counted on to be upfront about concerns with the properties currently on the market, all while also being meticulous with their marketing plans and the selling process.

Is client-centric

Being great in local real estate might not be as meaningful if the agent you end up working with doesn’t know how to prioritize your best interests. To be considered client-centric, the agent must be one that looks for homes that suit both your needs and preferences, and never suggests that you settle for anything less just so they can get the sale.

From a selling standpoint, a great real estate agent makes an effort to understand your motivations for placing your property on the market, and makes sure the sale is in line with your purpose. You can also find out more about how client-centric an agent is by asking their previous clients.

Is adaptable

While agents don’t work within a set time like 9-5 employees do, it also doesn’t mean working on their own time. The best and most accommodating ones know how to work at their clients’ convenience, and are willing to meet you on a weekend or holiday (because hey, this is when you’re free) or thoughtfully answer your messages even during the odd hours.

Full-time real estate agents also expectedly have more than one client, and a great one worth working with is one that is adaptable and organized enough to still be able to provide you ample attention and make sure the home you’re selling is amply marketed or your property search leads you to buying your dream home at a great price.

Still in search of a career real estate agent who can help you with your Palm Springs property needs? Feel free to contact John Butler at 760.844.7500 or send an email to AmazingDesertHomes(at)gmail(dotted)com.