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Palm Springs attractions you can visit during the pandemic

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Palm Springs has everything you would want. Besides its mouth-watering cuisine, it’s also famous for its majestic parks, trails, and attraction sites. But with the ongoing pandemic, many establishments have remained closed. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your stay here. There are tons of outdoor activities you can try out that you’ll surely love. So below is a list of what to do in Palm Springs.

Go on a hike.

Venture into the wilderness and get a glimpse of what is like living in Palm Springs. It’s home to several hiking trails that are now open for recreation. Some of its best spots include the Palm Desert’s Cross Trail that brings you to an incredible view of their infamous giant cross.

But if you want to take a dip in their waterfalls, make sure to put the Indian Canyon on your bucket list. It has several hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty that even toddlers can enjoy. The Bump and Grind Loop Trail is also a perfect place for a bit more recreation. Here, you can play basketball, tennis, and volleyball in any of its open courts.

Enjoy a picnic.

If you want a more relaxing activity, you can throw a picnic at any park in Palm Springs. Just bring a comfortable mat and some of your favorite snacks to make your hang-out more memorable.

You can also go to Rancho Mirage Community Park if you want to incorporate some wellness activities into your picnic. It has plenty of basketball and tennis courts available for you and your company.

Visit the zoo.

Indulge in knowledgeable fun facts while appreciating live desert critters when you drop by The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. This zoo gives you a glimpse of the African and North American wildlife. You’ll also see unique animals like the Nigerian dwarf goat and the Australian wallaby and kookaburra.

Go on a museum trip.

Relive your childhood at the Cabazon Dinosaur Museum. It’s known as the hugest dinosaur museum, so it won’t be too difficult to spot on the road. You can also enjoy their thrilling rides and win exciting prizes at their Dino Dig. On top of that, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with their dinosaur-themed ice cream.

Tour the windmills.

Visiting Palm Springs won’t be complete if you don’t take a tour of its windmills. You can get a 10-stop visit across the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto mountains while learning fascinating facts about its history.

Indulge in outdoor art.

Art lovers can still indulge in incredible artworks at the Joshua Tree Outdoor Museum. Together with the Noah Purifoy Foundation, they have put up several fascinating art installations that you can check out.

Enjoy These Activities In Palm Springs

Palm Springs is home to hundreds of attraction sites, making it a perfect getaway. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Palm Springs, then make sure to contact John Butler of Amazing Desert Homes.

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