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How to set up a stylish but functional home office

Girl doing work in her home office setup

We now live in a world where working from home has become the norm. While traditional office spaces have conditioned us to be productive, we can’t say the same with our home setup. But if you think about it, this setup gives us the opportunity to have more control of our surroundings. Not only can we design our home office to boost productivity, but we also have the stylistic freedom to revamp our workspace.

With that, here are some tips you can apply on how to set up a stylish but functional home office:

Build a Dedicated and Distraction-Free Workspace

The number one factor in ensuring a productive work-from-home experience is to have a quiet workspace that doesn’t coincide with distractions. Thus, it is vital to have a home office where we can close the doors and work in peace. It will help control the noise from external factors such as television, barking dogs, children playing, etc.

Invest in a Simple and Stylish Desk

The desk we use is our number one companion in our home offices. It gives us the feel of the work environment that traditional office spaces provide. The most popular preferences of desks are those with only a flat surface or one with multiple compartments. Either way, it will help give the productivity boost we need.

We have to make sure that it is spacious enough for all our necessities to fit. Also, placing various elements such as a picture frame, toy figures, sticky notes, etc., adds an aesthetic feel to it.

Add a Touch of Green

Since most of our time is spent indoors, adding a touch of green can completely change our workspace’s vibe. It can be something as small as a cactus or succulent that is both visually pleasing and easy to maintain. Having windows is also a plus since we can set up larger plants that sunlight can reach. These green touches help relax our eyes after hours of staring at the screen and improve the air regulation.

Make Sure that Everything is Within Your Reach

Productivity comes to a halt when we don’t have all the necessary tools in our home office. As such, it is essential to ensure that everything is within our reach. This is where desks with multiple compartments come in since we can place and designate important documents and files accordingly. Having an open bookshelf is also great since everything is visible and easy to retrieve.

Declutter Your Home and Your Desk

We can focus better when everything is clean and is in place. It’s helpful to have designated folders for all papers and a holder for all pens and other small things. But this doesn’t only apply to our desks. As much as we want to ignore the mess in other parts of our house, it only becomes a constant distraction. Hence, it’s a must for us to tidy up before and after work.

With a strategic setup, we can veer away from the afternoon work slump. For more home office approaches, Palm Springs Real Estate realtor John Butler can help you. Don’t hesitate to contact me at 760.989.2030 or send an email at AmazingDesertHomes(at)gmail(dotted)com.