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Here are the best local outdoor dining restaurants near your La Quinta home

Outdoor restaurant in La Quinta

Ever wondered what it is like living in La Quinta? Well, it’s filled with good food and the great outdoors!

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted La Quinta’s outdoor dining scene. But thanks to the Al Fresco program, local outdoor restaurants can get up and running again. This program aims to revive small businesses and help resume their operations outside.

Now it won’t be long until the industry goes back to normal.

Here are the best restaurants in La Quinta in terms of outdoor dining:

Cork & Fork

47875 Caleo Bay Drive, La Quinta, CA

Cork & Fork is owned by top-rated chef Andie Hubka. Those looking for a chill place to enjoy small plates, tapas, and craft beers should definitely consider this place.

Aside from its remarkable flavors, the restaurant is also home to a fine wine selection that surely completes each meal on the menu. They also make cocktail drinks that are worth coming back to.

Cork & Fork is the perfect place to “mix, match, and mingle” because of its outdoor ambiance and unique dining experience.

Chula Artisan Eatery

47150 Washington St., Suite B, La Quinta, CA

Restaurants with vegan choices and an all-day menu are a rare gem in a bustling city like La Quinta. Look no further because Chula Artisan Eatery is the place to be.

Chula Artisan Eatery’s owner and head chef Katherine Gonzalez is known for creating modern twists to traditional recipes like salsas, turkey chorizo, and cactus tortillas. Each item on the menu offers something new.

Everything is made from scratch, especially their gluten-free and vegan meals. This restaurant is also very Instagram worthy, with each spot infused with modern and elegant decor.

Enzo’s Bistro Bar

78121 Avenida La Fonda, La Quinta, CA

Finding authentic Italian cuisines in La Quinta can be challenging. Luckily there is Enzo’s Bistro Bar, located at the heart of the city. This full-blooded Italian restaurant offers a wide selection of steaks, pizza, pasta, and more. As a finishing touch, customers can enjoy a glass of quality wine at the cocktail patio or garden dining area.

From family reunions to date nights, Enzo’s Bistro Bar ticks all the boxes of fine dining.

La Quinta Cliffhouse

78250 highway 111, La Quinta, CA

As its name suggests, La Quinta Cliffhouse takes outdoor dining to the next level. Enjoy your delicious meal with a stunning view and be surrounded by granite rocks at the Cliffhouse.

The restaurant is located beside a hill and customers need to ride an elevator or climb a stairway to get inside the Cliffhouse. Its cliffside patio is designed with string lights so customers can still have a romantic day or night.

What’s also unique about the Cliffhouse is the rotating craft brews. Customers can choose from a variety of beers in an exciting manner.

The Grill On Main

8065 Main Street Suite 104, La Quinta, CA
The Grill on Main gives off a cozy, laid back vibe while still providing an exquisite wine and dine experience for all kinds of customers.

This restaurant represents the true American spirit in its meals. It offers a modern take on the American cuisines through its tasty steak, gourmet sandwiches, pasta, fresh salads, and of course, burgers.

Everyone’s favorite food can be found here at The Grill On Main.

La Quinta is not only home to great outdoor dining scenes. Find more about what the city has to offer by reaching out to real estate expert John Butler. Shoot him an email at amazingdeserthomes(at)gmail(dotted)com or give him a call at 760.989.2030.