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Have You Found Your Dream Home? Here’s How You’ll Know For Sure

couple imagining how their sala would look like

Some homebuyers prefer to sleep on it before pushing through with a decision. While others, upon reviewing the home features and amenities, will know right away if they’ve found their ideal home. Read on to find out how you’ll know you’ve landed on your dream home.

  1. It checks off your biggest priorities

    If you’ve made it through the home walkthrough and you checked off all the items on your wishlist, then you’re in a good spot.

    Is the home within a good school district? Is it walkable to parks and shops and amenities you consider important? Are the bedrooms and baths large enough to suit your household? Does the kitchen answer your needs – whether it’s to whip up meals or serve as a gathering place for the family?

    When you’re in home evaluation mode, think hard about the features that really matter to you. Be sure to run them through your agent, partner, or family. Establish your “needs” and “wants” so that when you tour probable homes, it’ll be easy to tick those boxes.

  2. The homeowner’s association (HOA) rules fit your lifestyle

    Go through the HOA rules to thoroughly check for provisions that may not sit well with you. Some homebuyers forget to examine the HOA rules and are often dismayed to find that they need to pay hefty fees for certain services or can’t renovate at will.

    For instance, HOAs have been known to prohibit having the exteriors of homes painted in certain colors, or prevent homeowners from creating their own garden. HOAs may also require special home assessments. If you’ve gone through the relevant provisions and you’re still seriously considering the home, then you may have found your ideal.

  3. Minor flaws don’t bother you

    A few imperfections, like outdated wallpaper or stained kitchen countertops, aren’t enough to dissuade you from buying the home. And that’s after your agent has pointed out a list of these flaws.

    If you find yourself coming up with reasons to justify the presence of these eyesores, then the house has certainly made a good impression on you.

    That being said, make sure that the issues you don’t mind are something that you can reasonably deal with once you’ve moved in. If your agent insists on backtracking on your decision due to major issues (e.g. plumbing, heating and cooling, mold and mildew build-up), it’s best to follow expert advice.

  4. The furniture placement is easy to envision

    This is a sign that the space is something you see yourself living in.

    For instance, you may find it all too easy to visualize how bookshelves and a strategically positioned coffee table can blend with the living room. Or you could be imagining how replacing a kitchen island can do wonders for the open plan concept of the home.

There are other ways you can envision how your future living space in this new home can play out. And if you can do that for most areas of the house, then you may have found your dream home.

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