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Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors

Fashionable House

The call to return to nature has made it fashionable to turn house spaces into mini-gardens.  Climate change concerns have also encouraged many to bring the outdoors indoors. This is especially applicable in areas where summers are sweltering and winters are cool and cloudy. 

Such is the kind of climate you’ll find in Palm Springs. This is why much of the real estate here merges the indoors with the outdoors – to take the heat out of summer.

Here are ways to make a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors in your Palm Springs home: 

Add glazing

Boost glazing at the back of your home to merge garden and sky views in one room.  Add roof lights and glass beams in the extension. Consider having floor-to-ceiling windows that feature stunning views of your garden or the nearby landscape. Add glazing to the frame as a finishing touch. 

Repeat floor design indoors and out

Continuous finish extends the floor and draws the eye outdoors. Make sure outdoor tiles suit all kinds of weather – these must be frost-proof in winter and skid-free under pouring rain. The grout should also be of the same color.  Flush thresholds allow furniture to cover the threshold without partitions or obstacles to step over. Divide a big, paved patio into zones with separate floor finishes for cooking, outdoor dining, and other activities.

Get a canopy

This extends the roof and allows doors to stay open while providing shelter from sun and rain. Does the canopy make the inside of the house dark? Try glazing for the overhang. 

Ditch the wall 

Knock down walls and install glazed doors that show what’s on the other side. You may also want to consider bi-fold doors with narrow frames. Sliding doors that open at half the width of bi-folds bring in sunshine and soothing garden views. 

Use outdoor finishes indoors and vice-versa

Let the kitchen’s brick wall spill over to the outdoors. Use the same shade of paint used for garden walls and fences inside the house but make sure the exterior one suits the surface. Install wall tiles on outdoor planter boxes. Hang a waterproof pendant light over an outdoor dining area for summer picnics. 

Stick to one indoor and outdoor design

Extend indoor bench seating outdoors. Let kitchen worktops run straight from inside the home to the outdoor area.  Use raised planters of the same material inside and outside the home. 

Maximize lighting

Light up garden paths, flower bed edges, trees, sculptured plants, walls, fences, and outdoor tables. Festoon a tree with a string of lights that outline its shape.

Splurge on greens

A garden near the house will make two spaces seem like one. Beds raised to window height let the person enjoy seeing plants positioned at eye level. Invest in tall planters and dense greens with palm-like or spiked leaves. These allow a good view of the outdoors while letting enough sunshine in.  

Have an outdoor room

Using outdoor furniture, strategically place chairs and sofas across or at right angles from each other for a homey living room look.  

Create an outdoor pergola 

This gives the impression of having an outdoor room and expands the view, as well. Lights, a hammock, and a swing complete the restful vibe.

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